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Three Key Ingredients to Look for in a Private Label Dog Supplements Manufacturer

Three Key Ingredients to Look for in a Private Label Dog Supplements Manufacturer

The Right Private Label Dog Supplements Manufacturer Creates a Partnership Allowing You to Focus on Growing Your Brand

Bimini Pet Health is a manufacturer of dosage form pet health supplements, and all references to Bimini’s manufactured products in this article refer to dosage form pet health supplements.

Considering the current and predicted explosive growth of the pet supplements industry, many companies are seeking ways to capitalize on the market and build brand loyalty among pet owners now. Fortunately, pet supplements, especially dog supplements, have been available long enough that brands don’t need to use resources to educate consumers on the products or reinvent the wheel when it comes to a pet supplement business model. Since consumer demand and constructs already exist, companies can focus on growing their brand and their sales.

Differentiation is never easy, however, working with the right private label dog supplements manufacturer creates a partnership allowing you to focus on growing your brand. That’s where Bimini comes in—a trusted partner in the premium, private label dosage form pet health supplements industry— offering standard formulas, using quality ingredients and handling all the details associated with fulfillment and shipping.

The Importance of Your Pet Supplement Formula

Choose a private label dog supplement manufacturer that offers a variety of standard formulas and packaging. Not only is this the easiest way to break into the pet supplement market, but also ensures you’re playing on a level field with competitors. Meaning, your brand can offer the same or better formulas as competitors do. Standard packaging allows your label (and brand colors and design) to shine.

While private label dosage form pet health supplements are a terrific turnkey approach to entering the market, eventually, your company may want to customize a formula. Partnering with a manufacturer that offers both private label and customized formulas lets you avoid the hassle of changing partners midstream.

The Quality of Private Label Dog Supplement Ingredients Matters

Bimini manufactures private label dosage form pet health supplements, but your company’s name is on the package at the end of the day. Your brand’s reputation relies on quality ingredients you can stand confidently behind. We take building and maintaining our customers’ brand reputations very seriously.

Our private label dog supplements are manufactured in the U.S.A. in facilities that are cGMP Certified and third-party audited to human food standards (21 CFR part 117), USDA inspected and FDA registered. Our ingredients are responsibly obtained from US-based qualified suppliers. Bimini uses the highest quality ingredients on the market, including vegetarian and organic options, and all are human grade! And, of course, we never include any unnecessary fillers or additives in our products:

  • Soft chews
  • Powders
  • Chewable (hard) tablets
  • Free oils
  • Liquids
  • Gummies (coming soon)

Finally, since each order is made on demand, your products will have a longer shelf life than other brands that made ahead and stored until ordered.

Fulfillment and Shipping Demands Require Scale and Speed

Supply chain disruptions have become common, yet still an annoyance for both businesses and consumers. Bimini’s manufacturing facilities are designed to scale to meet demand, helping ensure your private label dog supplements are on the shelves. Since we are centrally located, our shipments arrive quicker to anywhere in the country compared to others with facilities located on the coasts. Our Midwest location also results in lower shipping costs for many of our customers. We have the ability to integrate with your e-commerce website and fulfill orders directly from our warehouse.

Choose a Private Label Dog Supplement Manufacturer to Gain Market Advantages

Dog owners are looking for supplements that help promote healthy pet lifestyles. Choose a manufacturer like Bimini to offer a customized, private label dosage form dog health supplement, you can leverage to gain market advantages and build brand recognition and loyalty.

Contact us today to get started.

Bimini also produces dosage form pet health supplements for cats and horses.