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Finding the right Private Label Dog Health Supplement Manufacturer

The Key to Seizing the Opportunity in a Growing Industry 

The pet supplement industry is booming. In 2020, U.S. sales rose by 20% and by another 15% the following year. Slightly more modest — yet still double-digit — growth is expected through 2025. Specifically, dog products lead the pack.

Some interesting trends are on the rise. One of the most compelling being that pet owners are not purchasing products exclusively from brands they already know. Most consumers are looking to a greater variety of vendors, including new ones, to fill their needs. These trends in consumer behavior indicate that now is a good time to consider a private label dog health supplement manufacturer to develop and distribute on your behalf.

Several factors are at play regarding changing consumer habits. Regardless, the current climate presents real opportunity for small- and mid-sized dog supplement vendors. But competition is fierce. So, how do you choose the right dog health supplement manufacturer to produce and fulfill your products?

Ingredients For a Winning Dog Supplement Business
Although pet parents are willing to spend money when it comes to their furry companions, they’re doing so thoughtfully. Consumers have high expectations regarding product quality and distinct benefits. All this to say, the dog supplement market is primed for new offerings, but they must tick several essential boxes.

  • Meet specific needs beyond basic nutrition: Pet owners choose products to meet specific functional needs. From joint and coat health to digestion to senior wellness, more people are relying on supplements, in conjunction with a well-balanced nutritional diet, to keep their dogs happy and healthy. According to a survey by NielsenIQ, pet parents are placing their trust in lesser-known brands. Almost half of the respondents said they believe small businesses can best meet specific needs — and they plan to purchase from them in the future.
  • A commitment to clean and sustainable practices: Today’s pet wellness trends align closely with what’s happening in the human supplement space. There is growing demand for clean and sustainable products that consumers can trust and easily trace back to reputable and local sources. More pet owners are avoiding products that contain gums, fillers, and artificial colors, and preservatives.
  • Make a good first impression: Packaging is important. Finding a dog health supplement manufacturer that can print and package your product the way that makes your product stand out is important. Consumers need to quickly connect with your product and understand what makes your product different than others in the market. Simple messaging, whether it be playful, scientific or anything in between, is most likely to convert.

Bimini Is Your Partner for Premium Dog Supplements
Working with a dog health supplement manufacturer partner can provide your company with the expertise and competitive advantage you need to capitalize on current opportunity.

Bimini Pet Health offers private label, custom  and contract manufacturing services to businesses looking to support healthy pets. Our supplements can be tailored to your specifications. You can choose from dozens of existing formulations for private label or work with us to create a custom health supplement of your own.

Here are a few ways Bimini stands apart in the dog health supplement manufacturing market:

  • Every order is custom: From formulation to number of units to packaging and label design, when you order from Bimini, the product and process are tailored to your unique needs and goals.
  • Convenient shipping, fulfillment and packaging: Centrally located, we can ship a product quickly to you or integrate your e-commerce website and fulfill orders directly from our warehouse.
  • White label pet supplements made with human ingredients: Bimini’s exclusive, science-supported supplements are created for people who want the best for their pets — that means no unnecessary fillers or additives. Ingredients are responsibly procured from US-based sources and of the highest quality.
  • Bimini manufacturing facilities are cGMP-certified, USDA-inspected and FDA-registered: Our products are made in a facility that has been third-party audited and certified to follow current good manufacturing practices.
  • Furthermore, we perform microbiological and other safety tests on all finished products prior to release.

Even though the dog supplement market is growing, a smart approach is needed to operate a successful business. As the market becomes more saturated, companies will need to work with a dog health supplement manufacturer that will develop stellar products. From formulations to packaging to fulfillment and shipping, Bimini Pet Health is a one-stop-shop that checks all of the boxes for a premier private label solution.

Contact us to get started today.