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Your Trusted Partner: USDA Inspected and cGMP Certified Manufacturing Facility

• We make all of our products in a facility that has been third-party audited and certified to follow current good manufacturing practices for consistency and quality from batch to batch.

• We are also USDA inspected and approved for export to Canada and South Korea.

• We employ a food safety plan that starts with assessing all the potential hazards and then devising control steps to eliminate or mitigate them. These steps include controls for process, allergens, sanitation, pests, supply chain, traceability, recall and many others.

• Our highly trained team performs quality checks at multiple steps. This way, you can be confident you’re selling products that are of the highest possible quality, every time.

• For our human grade, dosage form pet health supplements  every ingredient and the resulting product is stored, handled, processed and transported consistent with 21 CFR part 117, Current Good Manufacturing Practice, Hazard Analysis, and Risk-Based Preventive Controls for Human Food.

• We are also an audited member of NASC.

Product Notice
Our products are for supplemental use only and are not intended to replace full and balanced pet food. Together with good nutrition, our products help support and maintain healthy pets and happy pet parents.

Our human grade, dosage form pet health supplements are compliant with 21 CFR part 117. Every ingredient and the resulting product is stored, handled, processed and transported consistent with applicable federal laws.

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